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Pubg Mobile india Redeem Code Today 3 September 2021


Pubg mobile india Redeem Code Today 3 September 2021.

Pubg mobile india is a royal battal game . This game is developed by krafton .  this time this game is only available in android and iOS. But according to some sources krafton release BGMI in iOS on August 16 . BGMI Full form Battlegrounds Mobile India . This game release in india on 2 July 2021. Now this time to reedem code and some questions answere where i reedem this code and more  . First of all you can reedem this code on pubgmobileindia official website .

Pubg mobile india reedem code 

In the game is  there are many things in the game  like PUBG gun skins, vehicle skins, new Skin, UCs, Rewards, parachutes and even rare clothing. But if you buy those things you need UC . But for having them you need to have a lot of the main currency of the game known as UC to buy them. You will have to spend a lot of money to have the required amount of UC. So for this our team Nindia24 made a reedem code for pubg mobile india you can easily use this reedem this code by following all steps

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  1. LEVKIN1QPCZ. : Racer Set (Gold)
  2. ZADROT5QLHP : Stealth Brigade Set
  3. SIWEST4YLXR : Assassin Suit and Assassin Bottom
  4. SD16Z66XHH : SCAR-L Gun Skin
  5. R89FPLM9S : Free Companion
  6. S78FTU2XJ : New Skin (M16A4)
  7. PGHZDBTFZ95U : M416 Skin ( First 5000 users)
  8. UKUZBZGWF   :  Free Fireworks
  9. 5FG10D33        :  Falcon or Outfit
  10. BMTCZBZMFS :  Pretty in Pink set and Pretty in Pink Headpiece
  11. 7DJJCZCDZJ9U : Golden Pan
  12. 7DVETREL2IMHX : Bumble Bee Set
  13. 7DMIDASBUY-COM  : Free rename card
  14. TIFZBHZK4A  :  Legendary Outfit
  15. VETREL2IMHX :   BumbleBee
  16. BOBR3IBMT    : Desert Ranger
  17. GPHZDBTFZM24U   :  Gun Skin
  18. 7DKARZBZYTRKAR98   : Sniper Skin
  19. 7DSD14G84FCCAKM :  Skin
  20. 7DRNUZBZ9QQ    : Outfit
  21. TQIZBZ76F    :  MotorVehicle Skin
  22. 7DDKJU9GTDSM :  Redeem Code For 1000 Silver Fragments
  23. DKJU5LMBPY : Free Silver Fragments UCBYSD600 :.  600 UC

How to Redeem Code PUBG mobile india ?

Step 1: first of all, if you wants to reedem this code visit  the BGMI official redemption centre click here  .
Step 2:then login in pubg Mobile india official website
Step 2: Enter the redeem code in the text field.
Step 3: Then, press the redeem button.
Step : 4 Click On confirm button. For yesterday reedem code click here
Step 5 : Now your all steps has been completed

Q1 How to reedem this code ?

I already mentioned above all steps how to reedem code but you can reedem code in

Q2 . Where i find this type of Reedem code ? 

Well ! You not to do anything . You easily reedem code in our our website Nindia24 . So please allow notifications bell for tech news , game news and more .



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